Saturday, October 13, 2007

what i've learn

waaaaaaaa... i've learn much in my computer subject..
such as "how to be a good computer user"...
ahhh.. saying "tnx"to miz Pion is enough to complete diz article..
i hope she still with us in computer 2..


Last night the Wikipilipinas team and several Pinoy bloggers met at Marina Restaurant for a dinner and to discuss as well various topics about the Wikipilipinas and Filipiniana projects. There was more emphasis given on the former, which is actually a daughter site of the latter… it just turned out to be a better performer.
WikiPilipinas functions like how a wiki should be “with a twist”, it’s an online encyclopedia that specializes on everything Philippine-related. The point of it being a better alternative than Wikipedia for example, is that when it comes to Philippine topics, it is most likely that the Filipinos would produce a more detailed and balanced point-of-view with regards to the matter compared to those in a foreign perspective.
It could still be considered juvenile though with only 36,000 (as of time of writing) articles in its database and some of it being used merely as an online biography for self-promotion and such due to it’s free for all nature. I don’t think that would be harmful though because as a user, I will not go through every articles inside one by one but only check out those that are of my interest. More effort though is still necessary for the expansion of better quality articles.
What caught my attention was the “Skool Tools” from that could be of aid for students like me in researching from books through snippets from their digital library of real books. This means more substance for research projects the easier way, yay!

top "five"

my top 5 studntz of bsba are>>>>>>tentenenen......

1>>pirre pontanarez
2>>kenenth cabang
3>>gerald manipol
4>>elfer de guzman
5>>rodny almaiz

"college life"

After your first week in college, it will be hard to believe that you ever thought this. The first step to making new friends: Do not miss Orientation. You will never have an easier time meeting more people in your life. Everything's new. Everyone's excited. And people are scared and dying to find someone to talk to. Be bold and introduce yourself. Take a risk, and start speaking. The camaraderie you'll form during this vulnerable time is indescribable. Even if the RAs make you do cheesy activities, there's no better way to bond than by sharing a ridiculous experience and laughing about it.

You got in. You're excited. But for some reason, you can't help but feel a little nervous. Even though you'd think the stress would disappear after decision time, the arrival of an acceptance letter often comes with a whole new set of worries. The good news? It's totally normal, so take a deep breath and relax. You already got in; the hardest part is over. thatz my college life..

Monday, September 17, 2007


ang blog kong ito ay napaka walang kuwenta>>>>>> hehehe sapagkat ginawa ko ito para lng makapasa sa computer nmn.. ang babaw dba?? hahah peo kala mu lng un^_^ toinkz.. ge d2 ko na sisi mulan ang sumry ng aking bulayf---->--((@

sisimulan ko sa pag gising ko sa umaga!!!.......
haaay.. 10 nanaman mamadali baka l8 n sa 1st subject peo sa awa nang dios khit minsan d pa nmn umaabot sa gnun ako fah... pag pasok sa paaralan wla na akong ibang hinihintay kundi ang pag tunog na bll at pag daan ng aking sinisinta o pinapantasya kung ba^ga....

e2 na uwian na po.. dootaaanzz na .. kasama ang mga bagong kabatak sa skwela na lging nag papasaya sa araw ko.... pag katapos mg doota merienda modw aman hehehe sarap ng bulife ng isang huwarang istudiante... e2 pa ang msaya don ha, pag uwi sa bahay non stop na tv mode at kain kya ang taba ko na ampfufuf nmn tlga ohh.. e2 lng nmn ang lgi kong ginagawa araw2 e.. wlng bago... mg karon man wla din... nga!!!! pla tae matatapoz na 2nd sem wula parin akong chikaz asar... panu ba y6an wla na din akong masabi, sa totoo lng pinapahaba ko lng to para umabot sa 200 words xe un ung req^d ng prof.. hi pla ma^m kung mabasa mu to.. hahahah ang fanet peo sana umabot man lng sa pagpasa ng aking grado...